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The Company I was involved with was called GeoSpirs Qatar based in Dubai which started in about 2013 when they contacted me regarding oil & gas exploration in Sudan at which time I agreed to do some research for them to locate potential oil & gas sites remotely to start with and then we flew out to visit the sites to firm up my findings. We flew out the Al Fashir and then travelled to the site by vehilce in a convoy. The reason for the convoy was we were in the Shamal Darfur region and we had to be protected with troops. I confirmed that there were four oil fields in that area. I marked out the size and shape of the fields and the guided depth to the potential oil. The particular oil fields were quite shallow in depth. This was my first visit to the site. On my second visit the Company had arranged and organised for a drilling company to go to the site. The only drilling rig that was available was a mud water drilling rig which is not really the right one to have but this was the only alternative that they had at the time as no oil rig was available in Northern Sudan so after a lot of problems covering many days the drilling rig was taken by the troops to the extact location I had marked out to commence drilling. When drilling took place they hit further problems because it was a mud drilling rig which means they needed water to circulate and lubricate the drill head. Please bear in mind we were in the middle of semi-dessert land with the lack of water in these areas. I had to return to the UK only to find out months later that they had not drilled much further on. In Spring 2014 I returned again to mark out a further area within the oil field when a third drilling company had taken over and wanted a new location for them to drill, which I duly did mark out for them. It was part of a fracture zone which ran through that oil field. In a period of three years they ended up with three different drilling rigs but then fighting started again the the region of Shamal Darfur which halted all drilling for safety reasons and the Company disbanded the idea of drilling for oil in Sudan altogether. So these oil fields in Northern Sudan and Shamal Dafur, as far as I am aware, are still available and for which I have the ifnormation for, including other oil fields I have marked out by remote surveying which are waiting to be explored. I am sure the Government would be willing to listen to any sensible offers from Oil & Gas Companies concerning these sites.

News 2015 from Northern Sudan in Africa Using My Method of Technology

The company I have been assisting in Northern Sudan in 2013/14 where I have located 3 oil fields in the area in question. Drilling did start but because of the latest troubles drilling has had to be halted in that part of the country. Hopefully once the troubles have calmed down drilling will recommence but as regards the time factor we do not know how long this will take. Again this is the same principle locating the sites remotely before attending on site.


These are the latest results from one of my Clients in Africa who is using me as a Remote Surveyor locating oil and gas structures and as a consultant including visiting the site in question and the actual marking out of locations of the oil/gas fields.

Finding Hydrocarbons was pioneered in Africa using a series of leading surface exploration technologies. By combining my technique and skill and the oil company's exploration techniques the aim is to discover oil and gas at one-tenth of the cost and triple the probability of success compared with conventional methods of oil and gas exploration. 

After remote surveying and then attending on site I was able to give indications of where the hydrocarbons were to be found.

The advantages to the company of using my technique were verified when a satellite survey, covering the whole concession area that I had defined, confirmed that various hydrocarbons and anomalies were present in the areas that I had indicated. 

Many huge areas were found and the oil company believe there could be millions upon millions of barrels of oil recoverable which would make it very financially feasible and profitable for them. 

Only a small amount of research is needed now to consolidate the evidence then drilling will take place. 

I can not give the location or the name of the Company because I am under contract.


Drilling has started...  As usual I cannot reveal the exact location or the company I am helping because of confidentiality. I am just waiting for further feedback from the company.  Keep you posted. 


the rig set up in the distance


close up of the mud drilling rig ready to be drilled

Drillers and mud drilling rig just prior to commencement of drilling


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